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Ensure your Cockatoo thrives with our nutritious Cockatoo food selections, tailored to support their health and happiness. From complete food options that reduce waste and captivate with diverse flavours and shapes to specialised egg foods and breeding mixes for nurturing breeding Cockatoos and their chicks, we've got everything your feathered friend needs for a balanced diet.


Our seed mixes, ranging from vitamin-enriched to those with varying sunflower content, play a crucial role in their daily nutrition.

Delight your Cockatoo with our tasty treats, perfect for positive reinforcement or just showing some extra love, available in an array of flavours and shapes. To complement their diet and stimulate natural foraging behaviours, explore our assortment of foraging toys and feeding dishes.

Dive into our selection of top-quality Cockatoo food from trusted brands, designed to bring joy and health to your Cockatoo's mealtime.